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CJ BEKSUL Premium Herb Salt Combo (50g x 3 Flavors)

CJ BEKSUL Premium Herb Salt Combo (50g x 3 Flavors)

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CJ BEKSUL Premium Sesame Oil (320ml)


Representative food brand,
Beksul has been at the forefront of Korean food culture development

Why do Korean bake Sea Salt? Is this better than Rock Salt? Only Korean had baked salt for a few hundred years for health. Too salty foods gave us a lot of problems. Korean baked sea salt has a lot of benefits for human

After Baking, becomes Alkali Salt provides natural minerals and essential nutrition(Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium,  etc.). Basically, Hand-harvested and sun-dried. Contains no additives, Superior Taste - enhances the taste of any dish.


Korean Traditional Baked Sea Salt and Herb Mixed Salt

Gallic/Spicy Pepper/Mild Herb Mixed Salt

Amazing Taste!!! Only Salt - Only Steak Manier knows this fantastic taste!!!!!

CJ BIBIGO Gochujang Sauce 3 Combo

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