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[FRKR] CJ BIBIGO Korean Short-Rib Soup (400g)

[FRKR] CJ BIBIGO Korean Short-Rib Soup (400g)

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CJ BIBIGO Korean Short-Rib Soup (400g) - FRKR

COKOYAM OPENED FRKR(From Korea) SECTION - Shipped from Korea to Direct to Customer Now!!!!! Valuable Our customer Can Enjoy The Latest Foods and Snack Now!!!!!!

  • Package Included: Korean Short-Rib Soup 400g
  • Real Rib !!!!
  • per pack: Feeds 1-2 persons.
  • Pack these for nutritious meal in your next outdoor adventure - camping, picnic, hiking, home, dorm life, military service, etc.
  • Microwave oven for 3 minutes / 5 minutes of boiling water.
  • Product of CJ, No.1 Food Company in Korea.

Real Galbi Meat ^^ Rib Removed, Easy and More Beef !!!

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