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Jayone Fermented Single Clove Pearl Garlic (250g)

Jayone Fermented Single Clove Pearl Garlic (250g)

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Jayone Fermented Single Clove Pearl Garlic (250g)

Best of Best Item

Sweet sour taste, No spicy, suitable for all ages.  Made of high-quality pure white garlic grown organically in the specific area. Special technology after 60-80 days fermentation, without any additives and nutrient enhancers.

100% Korean Premium Gallic

Good for

Control Allergy, Detoxification, Enhancement, Anti-Aging, Diabetes Treatment, Hypertension Prevention, Refreshment, Promoting Digestion, Liver Function

Heated Gallic vs Regular Gallic

- SOD(Antioxidant Function)  Over 10 times , Polyphenol Over 7 Times, Flavonoid Over 16 Times  Vs Regular Gallic

- S-Allyl Cysteine Vs None

- No Allicin(No Hot & Spicy) Vs Hot & Spicy can attractive to Stomach

- Anthocyanin Vs None


Tons of Effect !!!!!! Steamed Natural Gallic !!!!!!!

Excellent for Health and Best Food for Strengthening Immunity !!!!!

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