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Ottogi Curry Mix Mild (100g)

Ottogi Curry Mix Mild (100g)

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Ottogi Curry Mix Mild (100g)

OTTOGI CURRY is made from tropical spices to bring rich flavor and texture of authentic curry. Ottogi curry’s golden yellow color is from TUMERIC. Tumeric is a healthy ingredient that provides anti-inflammatory, supports heart and brain health. Cook your delicious curry easily and quickly with Ottogi’s highly soluble curry mix. HACCP accredited.

CURRY OVER RICE (4 Servings)
Ottogi Curry 100g,
Meat (Beef/Pork/Chicken) 130g,
Onion 270g,
Potato 100g,
Carrot 60g,
2 Tablespoons of cooking oil (25mL)
3 Cups of water (700mL)

How to Cook:
1. Cut meat, onion, potato, and carrot into a bite-size and in a skillet stir-fry with oil until cooked.
2. Add 3 cups(700mL) of water and cook until all ingredients get tender.
3. Put curry powder into the cook-pot slowly and stir well over low heat.
4. Pour it on the cooked rice and enjoy it.


4 Servings



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