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Dr. Argen Aerosilver Washable Face Mask (5 EA/PK)-[Discounted Item (Goods)]

Dr. Argen Aerosilver Washable Face Mask (5 EA/PK)-[Discounted Item (Goods)]

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Dr. Argen Aerosilver Washable Face Mask (5 EA/PK)

In response to the pandemic, Kang Gil shifted gears from making fabric for garment to helping out with PPE (personal protective equipment) for the essential businesses, hospitals and government. Gang Gil repurposed part of their supply chain capacity and is supplying mass producing few millions of PPE units for local, city, and regional government organizations in Korea and export to Asia, EU and USA. 

If you have sensitive face skin and have skin trouble due to moisture on your face inside of mask, Dr. Argen Face Mask will be your perfect choice.

Patented Face Skin Like Fabric



Dr. Argen Face Mask

Korea Premium Washable 3D Fashion Mask







Black Plus Size 

Power of Silver (Ag+)


Patented Yarn Aerosilver of Hyosung .

Infused and Secured Nano Silver Keeps Clean Mask

This mask is made with aerosilver yarn. It is an function from zirconium-silver compound (non-nano material) blended in fibers, which gives it a semi-permanent  property that survives repeated washings. The fabric itself boasts quick absorbing and drying property in addition to excellent clean function, allowing you to feel pleasant and safe at any time. But this mask cannot protect you from COVID 19.

It kills 99.9% of germs, including staphylococcus aureus, the cause of food poisoning and sweat odor, and pneumococcus, which causes various respiratory infectious diseases.


• Not intended for medical use
• Mask does not come washed - Wash before use
• Machine washable and reusable - Up to 8 washes
• Made in South Korea
• Clean Ag+ fiber
• SEK Certification Mark (Antibacterial Finished Textile Product Certification) from Japan Textile Evaluation Tech Council. Kotiti Test Results

Original Tag in the Pack


Fabric Fishing/Dyeing/Cutting/Sewing/Finishing

Computer Auto Cutting

High Quality Finishing

Korean Best Mask

Fast Absolution and Dry, Handy Washable with Soap, Ultra Clean and No Irritating 

Double Layers >>>>>>>>>Easy Breathable

High Quality Premium Functional Fabric made of Korea 

3rd Party Test of Mask

Shipping over few million masks

Reusable (Washable) Face Like Mask

Made in Korea

5 Masks(One Color) per pack


"SEK Mark" is a certification mark given by Japan textile evaluation technology council.

It certifies that this textile product meets industry accepted requirements for efficacy, safety, labeling and resistance to washing.


PRODUCT SIZE : Stretchable 

Regular Size >>>>> Width 13" Height 5 &1/2" (Black/White)

Plus Size >>>>>>>  Width 14" Height 6" (Black Only)

Size Tolerance +/- 1/2"


93% Polyester 7% Polyurethane


This mask does not come pre-washed. Before using, please thoroughly hand wash the mask by gently rubbing in warm water with mild soap. Lay flat to dry. always put on list after using and inspecting all items !!!!

Zipper Lock Safety & Clean Pack

Cokoyam strongly recommend this item to working customers at working place.

If you want to buy for workers, please contact us for best price.

Aerosilver Kids

New Normal has changed our way of life and over the last few weeks, we are learning that this will soon become the new normal. COKOYAM offers a highly curated selection of personal protective equipment that anyone can quickly and easily adapt to their everyday routine. For yourself, employees, and those around you.

Your circle is essential — so is their health and well-being.


Packing Receiving Recommendation

For Winning against COVID 19,

- Wearing Mask

- Hand Wash with Soap or Hand Sanitizer

- Keeping away over 6' from others


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