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Jayone BBQ Sauce-Galbi & Bulgogi (840ml)

Jayone BBQ Sauce-Galbi & Bulgogi (840ml)

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Jayone BBQ Sauce-Galbi & Bulgogi (840ml)


Only Jayone BBQ Sauce + Galbi !!!!!!

And Cook !!!!! That's it !!!!

Delicious Korean BBQ!!!!!!

Simple!!!!! High quality!!!! Original taste!!!!! 

Jayone -ready to cook- BBQ sauce can make it easy and simple, and serves your family with excellent taste!!!!

If you want to make Korean traditional Galbi or Bulgogo Sauce at home,

It is not simple and need to do a lot !!!!!

 Basic Sauce

But it is not easy to cook BBQ without any burning because of a lot of vegetable pieces on the heat grill. Cutting the over burned portion!!!

If you want to make upgraded version such as Jayone BBQ Sauce, please follow this procedure.

A Little Amount of Cinnamon Powder..... Only touch with the spoon!!!!!!

>>>>>This is the key!!!!!!!!! Only liquid !!!!!!!

Keep sleeping for one day!!!!!!!

#1 Oven


#2 Pan

#3 Grill

Good Luck!!!!!

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