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Jayone Roasted Rice Snack (60g)

Jayone Roasted Rice Snack (60g)

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Jayone Roasted Rice Snack (60g)

Korean Style Mom Made Snack Since Few Hundred Years.


This is called " Nurungji"in Korea. Naturally burned Rice or grains in the thick steel bowl container on the Fire, Bottom Rice over Cooking and a little Burning.

After Finishing taking cooked rice, a little thickened rice is remained on the surface of bottom. This is "Nurungji". Sometimes adding water and boiling such as soup and sometimes taking out with big spoon for making snack or storage. Koreans remember the smell when rice cooking well done and if too long time on the fire, a little burning small let mom hurry up to go back to kitchen. And it was a kind of signals in the village for playing kids to go back to home for dining. 


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