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Paldo KoKo Myun White Ramen 5 Pack (500g)

Paldo KoKo Myun White Ramen 5 Pack (500g)

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Paldo KoKo Myun White Ramen 5 Pack (500g)

Worldwide and Korean's Favorite Ramen Brand!!!!!

Favorite White Ramen!!!!!! But Spicy Chicken Flavor!!!



Paldo Fun & Yum Kokomen Ramen Hot Spicy

Soft & chewy noodle combined with spicy chicken broth makes the perfect recipe that will please any palate. Kokomen is an instant hit among foodies who enjoy bold flavors; the blend of spice and delicious mélange of flavors will soon have you craving more. Exquisite spicy chicken flavor, green onions, egg rake, is inspired by the world’s finest peppers and has become a defining flavor of South Korea.


 cokomom Recipe!!!!!!!!

Need Milk!!!!!!!

    Seoul Banana Milk



 cokomom recipe!!! Don't try, it's really extremely spicy!!!

 serves all items!!!!

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