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Paldo Volcano Chicken Spicy Noodle Ramen 4 Pack (560g)

Paldo Volcano Chicken Spicy Noodle Ramen 4 Pack (560g)

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Paldo Volcano Chicken Spicy Noodle 4 Pack (560g)

Worldwide and Korean's Favorite Ramen Brand!!!!!

: : V O L C A N O x C H I C K E N : :

Paldo Fun & Yum Volcano Spicy Stir-fried Chicken:

This one is hot, hot, hot! Did you know adding spice to your recipes helps bring out a lot of flavor notes? We love adding spicier to our ramyun broth for extra flavor and the perfect amount of heat to kick our meal up a notch. Our ramyun is super quick, easy, and it’s easy to adjust the heat level and ingredients. Volcano Chicken captures the bold spicy & savory flavors of Korean cooking and makes a noodle that can be enjoyed within minutes and enjoyed across the world-!!

Best of best chef's choice!!!!!!


 cokomom Recipe!!!!!


Spicy Lover????



 cokomom recipe!!!

 serves all items!!!!

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