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SEJIN E&P Freshen Space Sterilization and Deodorization Patch Card

SEJIN E&P Freshen Space Sterilization and Deodorization Patch Card

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SEJIN E&P Freshen Space Sterilization and Deodorization Patch Card 

SEJIN E&P Co., Ltd. is a technology development company related to chemical, microorganism, and material engineering. We have developed and supplied field-oriented technologies and solutions such as agricultural products, food freshener (Freshen), sterilization, deodorant household products, eco-friendly paints, based on ClO2 gelation stabilization and sustained release technology, and organic waste treatment devices utilizing high-temperature fermenting microbial technology.

Clo2 Extended Release Patch Card !!!!!!

Accomplished Clo2 Solidification Technology : Patent 10-1868446

New Patent Technology 

The best solution for PPE in New Normal !!!!!!!!

Excellent Special Gift for Your Lovers

Protect Yourself from Attractive Bio Mass or Harmful Odor, Only Attaching on Handy Phone, Notebook or Desktop and Keeping on your Pause or bag and also Hygiene Space !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Newest High Technology Product of Proven by FDA

The Oxygen Sterilization, Disinfection and Deodorization Patch Card!!!!


Safety Zone About 1 Cubic Meter from Patch Card !!!!!

Four Colors ; Red, Purple, Blue, Green

Only One Patch Card protect you for One Month!!!!!!!!!

Clo2 ? Chlorine Dioxide 

Chlorine dioxide - Wikipedia

"Is chlorine dioxide safe for dogs?"


Chlorine dioxide is one of the safest ingredients used in the food industry today. This active ingredient is an effective and safe antibacterial agent.

Patent Product/ New Excellent Technology of Korea

This is not Medical Product

Don not eat and keep away kids


General Excellent Effect for Fruit

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